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  • Choose an NHL team to attach to your account
  • All money spent on your Golf 247 account (including lesson packages) between April 16 to April 15 (365 days) will be refunded back to the credit card assigned to your account if the team you select wins the Stanley Cup in mid June that year
  • The rebatable balances cut off April 15 (playoffs begin) and will start again for a fresh year April 16 starting back at zero.
  • You may change your team each season should you wish to do so.
  • You will always be able to easily track where your balance stands when you login to your Golf 247 account.

Our operating costs are reasonably low. Therefore, we want to and can afford to provide our golfing clients with a very fun offer. As well, we created a very realistic opportunity to get a full rebate for all purchases made on your Golf 247 account.