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Golf 247 is monitored by video surveillance. If any members or guests are found to be in violation of any of the terms below, Golf 247 Inc., reserves the right to pose financial penalties based on the severity of any infraction.

  1. Golf 247 will be giving full account refunds to members who successfully attach the correct winning Stanley Cup team to their account for that year. The member agrees that they will have to wait 1-5 business days after the official cup has been won to receive the refund on what they spent for the year.
  2. The member agrees that they may change their team up until January 1 each year but CANNOT between January 1 and April 15.
  3. The member agrees that they will be responsible to refund their guests if any of the money spent on a member account gets refunded in full after winning the Stanley Cup offer.
  4. There will be NO smoking, tobacco, vape or alcohol products permitted inside any Golf 247 facility. Golfers are also not allowed to be under the influence and/or intoxicated while inside any Golf 247 facility.
  5. There will be NO food allowed inside other than what’s available for purchase.
  6. There is a strict maximum of 4 people per bay…no exceptions. The 4 person limit includes spectators. Your simulator will not turn on if you bring more than 4 people per bay and your session will not be refunded.
  7. All golfers will preserve the quiet nature of the facility. Members and guests are not to be making excessively loud noise, profanity, commotion, etc. Golfers are also NOT allowed to enter/practice in any other adjacent bays that they have not booked and must only use their own bay during their session.
  8. Customers may not use their own balls. If a customer chooses to use their own golf ball, the screens will become damaged. We provide high level clean balls that won’t affect the results of gameplay or practice.
  9. Account holder must be physically present during session. Customers will also not share their access codes with anyone.
  10. No formal lessons and/or instruction allowed by any non-authorized instructor.
  11. Members will not use or modify any existing programs and/or settings on the golf simulator computer.
  12. Any golfer that is found to be purposely, or negligently, damaging any part of the facility will be fined for damages upon inspection. This violation will also result in the member being permanently banned from Golf 247
  13. By signing these terms you agree that Golf247 Leaside and/or Golf247 Brooklin is not responsible for any injuries whatsoever to either you the member or anyone you bring into either facility.